University of Helsinki An unfinished master’s degree can dominate thoughts for years – Now the award-winning lecturer tells how the thesis should be treated

For many students, a master’s thesis is more than just a thesis. The university can support the student in the completion of the master’s degree, but in the end the responsibility for graduation always lies with the student himself, says the award-winning university lecturer Jaakko Hilppö.

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The Student Union of the University of Helsinki chose University Lecturer Jaakko Hilpö as the Year’s Supervisor of the Year in 2020. According to him, students may lose their sense of relativity when completing their degrees:­

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Iso G. The nickname already says that a master’s thesis, more familiarly a master’s thesis, is on the verge of big things. A degree is in practice a dissertation in which a student shows that he or she knows his or her field and is able to express himself or herself clearly.

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