Universities Ritva Leino has been chosen as a working life professor of journalism at the University of Tampere

Leino has had a long career at Yle and is considering the future of the media.

Tampere has been elected Professor of Working Life in Journalism for the academic year 2021–2022 Ritva Leino.

Leino has worked at Yle as Theme’s program manager, client, producer, screenwriter and director. For the past ten years, Leino has worked at Yle as a program manager and multimedia manager, and has developed journalistic work processes.

In addition, Leino works in international networks where the future of the media and the role of public service are discussed. He has also been founding the experimental laboratory for journalism, Yle Lab.

“I hope that we will be able to analyze the changed media landscape in different ways and make relevant observations for practical work. My aim is to combine theoretical knowledge into practical doing and various experiments in different ways. I have been doing this for my work at YLE for the last ten years, ”says Leino in the press release.

Leinon according to computers already know how to write simple stuff, but they can’t think or combine different sources of information in a complex situation.

“Above all, journalists are required to have the ability to understand people’s needs for media use, to analyze information, to understand what is relevant in different contexts, to create context for things and phenomena. The competition for people’s time and attention is getting tougher all the time, and journalists need to be able to create ways to tell about things that people want to use, ”Leino says in a press release.

A book was published by Leino this year Media conquerors – techno giants and users decide the future of television (Zeal). The book discusses how the media has changed over the last twenty years and what factors have contributed to the change.

“Ritva Leino brings the experiences of the working life professorship of journalism from a vantage point both nationally and internationally and we look forward to cooperating with her,” says the dean of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communications. Jyrki Vuorinen in the bulletin.

Journalism there were 19 applicants for the working life professorship this year.

The Professor of Working Life in Journalism, formerly a Visitor Professor, has been at the University of Tampere since 2007. For the first five years, the assignment was based on a donation from the Helsingin Sanomat Foundation. The position has been handled by a journalist this academic year Reetta Räty.



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