United States WSJ: Trump company and its CFO indicted for tax offenses on Thursday

Donald Trump himself will not be prosecuted, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The United States former president Donald Trumpin founded by the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg will probably be prosecuted for tax offenses on Thursday, he says The Wall Street Journal.

The criminal charges would be the first in nearly three years of investigation.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance focuses, according to the magazine, on whether Weisselberg and other Trump operators received benefits such as free rental homes and cars without recording them in the tax return. According to documents, Weisselberg and his family would have enjoyed the benefits of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are relatively minor offenses, and the charges, according to the WSJ, would not concern Trump himself. Trump transferred his company to a fund managed by his sons and Weisselberg at the beginning of his presidency, and his own role in the company’s operations is not clear.

The district attorney’s office and Weisselberg’s attorney declined to comment or confirm The Wall Street Journal’s information to news agencies.

On Monday Donald Trump accused prosecutors investigating the company carrying his name of being biased and assured that the company has not committed “any crime,” according to Reuters.

Trump’s lawyer Ronald Fischetti said Vance’s allegations were unfounded. In his view, individual employment benefits are generally too small matters for the district attorney to investigate.

In practice the lawsuit could result in fines and other penalties if the company is found guilty, Reuters reports. On the other hand, litigation alone can cause problems for a company if its partners collapse.

Prosecutors would also like Weisselberg’s help in prosecuting Trump, who is known as Trump’s creditor. So far, Weisselberg has refused to cooperate with the prosecutor.

Weisselberg’s ex-wife Jennifer Weisselbergin instead, it is known to have met with the prosecutor several times. He has also vowed to testify at trial.

With these prospects in mind, Vance will not prosecute the former president, but there are still 17 other ongoing investigations into Trump’s actions and possible lawsuits related to, among other things, sexual abuse and attempts to illegally influence the election result.



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