United States | White House: Corona-infected Joe Biden is already well enough to continue his physical exercises

A coronavirus infection received by the President of the United States Joe Biden the symptoms have eased, reports news agency AFP.

The White House’s official doctor said on Tuesday that Biden’s course of coronavirus medication is now over and that he is in good enough shape to continue his exercise.

Biden is known as an avid cyclist, and according to AFP, his morning routine is said to include weight lifting.

The president himself said on Monday that he was “doing great” and hoped to move away from remote work by the end of the week.

With Biden previously reported to have had a runny nose, cough, exhaustion and a slight fever.

He has been working remotely, and says he will continue to isolate himself until his corona test is negative again.

The president is fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots.

The Paxlovid coronavirus drug developed by the Pfizer company prescribed to Biden is the first oral coronavirus drug. The European Medicines Agency approved the use of Paxlovide in the European Union in January. Since then, other medicines have also received marketing authorizations.

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