United States US Biden to Ukraine’s Zelensky: US and Allies Resolutely Respond if Russia Attacks Ukraine

Biden also expressed support for diplomatic efforts.

The United States president Joe Biden has said to his Ukrainian colleague To Volodymyr Zelenskythat the United States and its allies will respond decisively if Russia invades Ukraine, says the White House. The presidents spoke over the phone on Sunday.

“President Biden made it clear that the United States, its allies and partners will respond resolutely if Russia invades Ukraine again,” the White House press secretary said. Jen Psaki said in its opinion.

According to Psak, Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Psaki said Biden expressed support for diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis.

After the call, President Zelenskyi said Ukraine appreciated US support.

Recently, relations between Russia and the United States have been tense due to the situation in Ukraine. Russia has concentrated tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border, raising fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia has denied any intentions to attack.

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Biden discussed earlier this week on the phone the Russian president Vladimir Putin with. Also at that time, Biden said the United States and its allies would be determined if Russia invaded Ukraine again.

Putin, on the other hand, warned in the call that imposing large-scale sanctions on Russia because of the situation in Ukraine would be a big mistake.

Both presidents expressed support for diplomatic means.

The United States and Russia will hold talks in Geneva, Switzerland, on 9 and 10 January. However, the main topic of the meeting will be nuclear agreements. The talks are part of a strategic security debate that began between Biden and Putin in June in Geneva.

In 2014, Russia took over the Crimean Peninsula, which belongs to Ukraine, and in the same year a war broke out in eastern Ukraine, involving Ukraine and Russian-backed rebel forces.

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