United States | US Biden: Putin wanted NATO to become Finnish, but got Finland to become Finnish

US President Joe Biden praised both Finland and Sweden in his press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid and stated that they are strengthening the military alliance.

of the United States president Joe Biden praised the ability to react to the changed security environment in his press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid.

“Before the war I said [Vladimir] For Putinthat if he starts a war, NATO will not only become stronger, but also more united,” Biden stated in the speech.

According to him, the Madrid summit of the military union is proof of this.

Biden’s According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his attack on Ukraine aimed at the disintegration of NATO and the West, but the opposite happened.

“Putin wanted NATO to become Finnish, but he got Finland to become Finnish,” Biden stated.

In his speech, Biden praised both Finland and Sweden and stated that they are strengthening the military alliance.

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“They both have strong armies,” Biden praised Finland and Sweden.

Biden the president also recalled at the press conference Sauli Niinistön phone call with, after which Niinistö visited the White House.

According to Biden, Niinistö already asked in this meeting whether the United States supports Finland’s NATO membership.

“I remember when I got a call from the leader of Finland asking if he could come and see me and he came the next day. He asked at that time if I supported his country joining NATO,” Biden stated.

During the meeting, Biden and Niinistö called the Prime Minister of Sweden For Magdalena Andersson and asked him to discuss Sweden’s possible NATO membership with them.

At the press conference Biden also stated that Wednesday’s announcement by the United States to seek to sell F-16 fighter jets to Turkey is not related to Turkey decided on Tuesday accept the invitation of Finland and Sweden to become NATO members.

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US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Celeste A. Wallander commented on Wednesday to the media that Turkey’s strong military is also an asset to NATO and announced his support for the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

Biden says that he believes that the sale of F-16 fighters to Turkey will come true. He believed he would also get the blessing of the US Congress for the fighter jet deal.

He said at the press conference that he already said last September that fighter jets should be sold to Turkey. According to him, Wednesday’s announcement about the sale of the fighter jets is just an indication that he has not changed his mind.

“There was no quid pro quo involved [palvelus palveluksesta]”, Biden said, denying that the fighter jets were a gift for accepting Finland and Sweden into NATO.

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