United States | Uncontrolled forest fire spreads in Texas, people evacuated

High winds spread the fire.

Wide a forest fire is spreading in Texas, USA. News channel CNN describes the fire as “completely out of control”. The fire area currently covers approximately 800 square kilometers.

A fire that started Monday afternoon local time is raging in northern Texas, and evacuations were ordered in some counties early Tuesday local time.

In Texas and, for example, the Midwest, this winter has been exceptionally warm and snow-free for the time. Fires are also aided by strong gusts of wind. The wind has blown in the area at its worst at over 20 meters per second. The situation is expected to ease on Wednesday, when the winds subside a little, says the weather service Accuweather.

Fire threatens, among other things, a small village called Canadian in Hemphill County. A little over 2,000 people live in the village, and its residents have been advised to take shelter. Some houses in the area have already been destroyed by fire.

“It looks like the end of the world here. All the trees are white, covered in ash,” said the motel owner to CNN Melanie McQuiddywho closed his motel on Tuesday and left the village.

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