United States Uho crumbled in 32 hours: The video shows how President Trump’s coat turned

The United States president Donald Trump has finally admitted that he must hand over power to the Democrat who won the presidential election To Joe Biden January 20. He did so on Friday morning Finnish time on a Twitter video, with which he also condemned his supporters’ attack on the congress hall on Wednesday.

Trump’s change of mind or jacket translation has been quick and almost perfect, as you can see in the video below. He admitted for the first time that power is changing and he has lost the November 3 election.

However, in the traditional sense, Trump did not acknowledge his defeat or get the name of the said election winner, Biden.

Only 32 hours earlier, Trump was still like a different man. On Wednesday at noon local time, the president urged his supporters to march to the House of Congress to put pressure on Republican politicians to turn the election result into a win-win situation.

A two-chamber meeting was just about to begin in Congress to confirm Biden’s clear election victory. Speaking to his supporters near the White House, Trump also demanded his vice president Mike Pence to overturn the result of the presidential election, even though Pence, who chaired the congressional meeting, has no such power.

Supporters of President Donald Trump listened to the president’s speech near the White House at noon on Wednesday.­

Trump wanted his supporters to put pressure on Republican politicians and march on the House of Congress. He asked his support forces to remain “calm and patriotic” but also to “show their strength”.

In December, Trump had invited his supporters to come to Washington on January 6 on Twitter because it was known to be a “wild go”. The promise of a “wild go” was a war cry for many supporters who arrived in Washington on internet discussion forums before arriving in the capital.

After supporters had embarked on a wild go on Wednesday afternoon and driven the House of Congress into chaos and Congressmen on the run, Trump asked them to with a minute-long Twitter video to go to their homes.

Still, he reiterated in his video his allegations of a fraudulent election and said to congressmen, “We love you, you are very special.”

Donald Trump’s supporters broke into the federal congress building on Wednesday while Joe Biden’s election confirmation meeting was underway in the building.­

At least five people were killed in the conquest of the Congress House. On Thursday, Democratic leaders began working on Trump’s dismissal less than two weeks before the end of his term.

On Thursday night at 7:20 p.m. local time, Trump made his third public appearance at a congressional meeting. In this performance, he admitted his defeat for the first time. You can watch a longer version of the video this HS article in connection with.

In a video posted on Twitter, Trump condemned the attack on the Congress House and called its infiltrated supporters people who “don’t represent our country”. According to Trump, those responsible for the violence and destruction must pay for their actions.

“All Americans Act I am appalled by the violence, illegalities and the anarchy. Protesters who invaded the House of Congress have desecrated the Center for American Democracy, ”Trump said.

The United States federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin is told methat Trump’s role in the House of Representatives violence is also under consideration. Trump, for his part, is said to have found out if he could pardon himself before resigning.

Dozens of people have been arrested for Wednesday’s events. U.S. Federal police have asked the FBI for public hints about people who incited Congress House violence.

“One was found,” the California congressman tweeted Karen Bass on Thursday.

His tweet included a photo of President Trump speaking to his supporters on Wednesday.


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