United States U.S. intelligence report: Putin “likely led” Russian attempts to influence the 2020 presidential election

According to the National Intelligence Council, the influential companies supported Donald Trump’s candidacy and were led from the Kremlin.

Russia tried to promote the president Donald Trumpin re-election and Iran to act against him, while China remained on the sidelines.

These are key conclusions in a U.S. report released Monday in the intelligence report, on the subject of foreign attempts to influence the November 2020 presidential election.

National according to a report by the NIC, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was aware of and involved in the election and even directly involved in it.

“We estimate that President Putin and other high-ranking Russian authorities were aware of and likely led Russian attempts to influence the 2020 presidential election,” the report reads.

Russia, according to the NIC, tried to slander Trump’s opponent, the election winner Joe Bidenia.

The report names a Ukrainian MP, among others, as an actor under the Kremlin Andriy Derkatšwho systematically tried to tarnish Biden’s image by spreading in the United States stories about his Ukraine connections.

According to the 15-page report, Iran also tried to influence the election result, but against Trump. China, on the other hand, stayed away from the U.S. election, the NIC estimated.

Report as a result, the United States plans to impose more sanctions on Russia, Reuters reports. Biden will decide on sanctions in the near future, probably next week.

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