United States Trump, who left the White House, settled on his mansion in Florida, but the reception was contradictory: “Now he’s in our backyard”

Trump himself signed an agreement nearly 30 years ago defining Mar-a-Lago as a private club not intended for residential use. Not all locals are happy with their new neighbor.

The United States former president Donald Trump retired to Palm Beach, Florida at the end of his term. No one yet knows exactly how he is going to spend his life.

Trump has apparently settled on his favorite Mar-a-Lago mansion, which was surrounded by moving trucks earlier this week. Several members of the secret service, and the president, have been seen around the mansion Joe Biden there were roadblocks in the area on inauguration day.

However, the former president’s house may still be marred by adversity.

Trump himself signed an agreement with Palm Beach in 1993 that Mar-a-Lago is a private club and is not intended for full-time living. Club members are allowed to stay there 21 days a year but no more than seven days at a time.

The Palm Beach Postin however, the agreement does not specify whether Trump, as the owner of the site, must comply with the rules.

Financial magazine Forbesin according to a Trump attorney I interviewed, his principal is not going to stay to live at the club. Palm Beach authorities have not yet clearly stated what they would do about Trump’s possible intentions to live.

Donald Trump spoke to the media at a Christmas Eve 2019 video conference from Mar-a-Lago’s private golf club.­

Palm Beach leader of the county Republican Party Michael Barnett has had in recent days responded to inquiries from foreign journalists about what Trump intends to do after his presidency.

“I’m sure he wants to spend time relaxing and unwinding,” said Barnett To The New York Times.

“We are all very sad to see the end of his presidency – or, as some would say, his first term.”

Leader of the Democratic Party of Palm Beach Terrie Rizzo was not excited about the new neighbor.

“The good news: He’s no longer in the White House. The bad news is that now he’s going to be in our backyard. ”

The Coast Guard patrolled the waters near Mar-a-Lago while Trump visited the resort in February last year.­

Palm Beach County Lawyer Dave Aronberg thinks The Guardian in an interview that Trump intends to set up some kind of headquarters in the area for his “people’s movement,” which he also talked about in his last days.

“It’s definitely going to cause drama, hustle, traffic and a lot of media attention. He plans to continue to act as a lightning conductor and he will remain the topic of conversation in the city as long as he is here. ”

Trump is himself spoke the creation of a new “patriotic party”. However, it is not clear how seriously Trump has thought.

At least some of the neighbors have not been pleased with Trump’s return to civilization because of the stormy events of his last days in office.

A real estate agent working in Palm Beach Richard J. Steinberg tells The New York Times that the reception has not been very warm.

“No, with whom I have spoken, does not looking forward to his return in Palm Beach,” he says magazine.

Trump’s opponent held the Go Away sign for the New Year as Trump left West Palm Beach, Florida after his Christmas break.­

“Quite frankly, I think whether you are a Trump supporter or not, I don’t think there are many people who, in good conscience, can justify what happened on January 6th. I think most people hold him at least partly responsible for it, ”Steinberg says, referring to the conquest of Congress as an Epiphany.

According to The New York Times, at least 1,488 Palm Beach County Republicans have resigned from the party since the conquest of Congress, according to a local election monitoring agency.

Yet a tenacious group of Trump’s most loyal supporters had gathered in Palm Beach on Wednesday to see even a glimpse of Trump returning home.

“He gave us freedom. He was on our side. Now everything is getting messed up, ”said Trump’s car convoy Valéry Barto To The New York Times.

Donald Trump arrived in West Palm Beach on Wednesday in his car convoy and waved to his supporters.­

Trump supporters on the roadside in West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday. The sign reads “Still my president”.­

Trump spent much time in Mar-a-Lago during his tenure. Trumpin statistics site following golfing according to him, he spent 127 days at the manor. In total, there were almost 300 days at various golf clubs.

This also sparked criticism from time to time, as the former president spent an estimated more than $ 144 million in taxpayer money traveling to golf courses.

Online magazine Politicon it is estimated that one trip to Mar-a-Lagoon cost taxpayers $ 3 million, although every visit may not have been as expensive.

Read HS’s special article on Mar-a-Lago from here.

Trump, who loves golfing, traveled nearly 300 times during his tenure to various golf clubs.­

Although Settling in Mar-a-Lagoon can know the inconveniences, Trump has a history of arguing with local authorities.

According to The Guardian, Trump, among others, sued the city of Palm Beach in 2006 in a dispute over the height of the flagpole.

He also fought in 2017 to get the landing pad for the Mar-a-Lagoon helicopter, which is now being decommissioned. The Palm Beach Post According to the magazine, the city does not allow helicopters, and after the end of Trump’s presidential powers, they will not be seen in Mar-a-Lago either.


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