United States Trump meeting did not reveal any information that would change the election result, Michigan policymakers say – more and more Republicans are questioning the president’s actions

Trump’s campaign attempts to reverse the presidential election are in a headwind.

The United States president Donald Trump met with Michigan state lawmakers at the White House on Friday.

The meeting aroused a lot of interest, as most of the lawsuits related to the counting of votes is suspected of trying to directly influence state Republican decision-makersto help Trump win the presidential election, regardless of the outcome of the vote.

Michigan is one of the states Biden won that Trump’s campaign has sued. Trump invited state decision-makers to the White House just before the result of the state vote count is due to be officialized.

White House Michigan Republican Senator Mike Shirkeyn and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Lee Chatfieldin according to the meeting, no new information was revealed that would affect the outcome of the vote in the state.

“We have not been told any information that would change the outcome of the Michigan vote, and as leading legislators, we will follow the law and the normal process for Michigan voters,” Shirkey and Chatfield said in a joint statement.

However, they promised to thoroughly investigate all allegations of electoral fraud.

Michigan lawmakers Speaker of the House of Representatives Lee Chatfield and Republican Senator Mike Shirkey visited the president at the White House on Friday.­

Trump himself repeatedly repeated at Friday’s press conference that he had won the election. However, his attempts to prove his claims are in a growing headwind.

According to a preliminary count, Trump’s opponent Joe Biden has won the election with a clear resignation of 74 voters, and in the absence of evidence, Trump ‘s campaign lawsuits have not affected the outcome in any way, at least for the time being. Libra State of Georgia officially announced Biden’s victory on Friday after recounting the votes.

Trump may not be ready to surrender, but more and more Republican politicians are. At first, Trump’s victory speeches were mocked only by Republicans who publicly opposed him anyway, now a few who have supported him, according to Reuters.

A Tennessee retiring Republican senator Lamar Alexander said he considered Biden’s chances of becoming president “very good” and urged the Trump administration to begin a transitional period. According to Lamar, the loser of the election should “put the interests of the country ahead, congratulate the winner and help him get off to a good start in his term”.

Representative of Michigan Fred Upton stated that no “evidence” of electoral fraud had been shown in his state. In addition, he found Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania impossible to reverse.

“I haven’t seen any evidence of fraud that would invalidate more than 150,000 votes,” Upton said.

Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins for its part, the press recalled that there is a “right way and a wrong way” to challenge the ambiguities experienced by Trump.

“The right way is to gather evidence and bring lawsuits in the courts. The wrong way is to try to put pressure on the state election authorities, ”Collins writes.

Also an Alaskan senator Dan Sullivan noted that Trump has a high threshold to prove its allegations of election theft in court.

“Republicans everywhere are turning the page,” summed up the campaign strategist interviewed by the news agency Reuters, who has been involved in planning the campaigns for several Republicans.

However, most Republicans still refuse to recognize Biden’s victory.


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