United States Trump lost his lawsuit in Pennsylvania, the judge saw no sign of the charges: “Violation of the Constitution is not a matter for the court”

Biden won 20 Pennsylvania voters, gaining more than 80,000 votes more than his rival.

The United States president Donald Trump has lost its important lawsuit in Pennsylvania, where presidential representatives tried to block official confirmation of votes cast in the state presidential election.

They tell about it, among other things Bloomberg as well as the CNN anchor Jim SciuttoOn Twitter.

The winner of the important Libyan state was the Democrats Joe Biden, which has been declared the winner of the presidential election on the basis of forecasts from major media houses. Biden won 20 Pennsylvania voters, gaining more than 80,000 votes more than his rival.

Throughout the election, Biden is considered to have won 306 voters, while 270 are needed to win. Trump has won 232 voters behind him. Biden is estimated to have received more than 6 million more votes than the incumbent president.

Trump has refused to admit his loss. He has sought to reverse the result in numerous lawsuits as well as appealing to the Republican leaders of the states to overturn the voting results.

Pennsylvania according to the federal judge who made the rejection decision, Trump’s campaigners did not have to present evidence of electoral fraud.

“Violation of the Constitution does not fall within the jurisdiction of this court,” the judge Matthew Brann wrote in his decision.

“Extremely stretched allegations have been brought before this court, as well as speculative allegations that are not supported by the evidence. In the United States, there is no justification for depriving a single voter of the right to vote in this way, let alone depriving it of all voters in the sixth largest state, ”the judge said.

Trump’s campaign in the courtroom was represented on Tuesday by the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, which alleged allegations of a huge conspiracy of Democrats through which the election was stolen.

Giuliani saw the Pennsylvania lawsuit as a way to take the election to the Supreme Court, allowing the Conservative-majority court to rule.

Trump’s representatives are believed to be complaining about the recent decision.


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