United States Trump fires cybersecurity director, knocks out allegations of electoral fraud

According to an agency headed by Chris Krebs, the presidential election was the safest in the country’s history.

Stateside president Donald Trump has said it has fired the director of the country’s cyber security and infrastructure security agency (CISA) Chris Krebsille.

Krebs has knocked out the president’s allegations that there had been widespread fraud in the presidential election earlier this month.

Trump says On Twitterthat Krebs’ statement on the security of the elections was “very incorrect”. In addition, the president reiterated his allegations of electoral fraud, which, however, according to authorities or international election observers, there is no evidence of.

Last week, several federal and state election officials were posted on the CISA website joint opinion, where the November 3 elections were called “the safest in the country’s history”.

Krebs himself quoted a kick On Twitter stating that it is an honor to serve and that “we do the right thing”.

According to news agency AFP, Krebs had reportedly already told his friends last week that he believed he would be fired.

Trump has claimed, inter alia, that the votes were cast in the name of the dead and that the votes have been transferred from him to the Democratic candidate, the To Joe Biden.

The signatories of the CISA opinion justify the exceptional security of the elections, for example through pre-election testing and certification of the equipment used in the elections.

In addition, the statement emphasizes that in all states where the result has been strict, each vote is registered and can be recalculated if necessary.

“There is no evidence that any voting system has destroyed or lost votes, altered votes, or been otherwise compromised,” the statement is written in bold.

Trump has not acknowledged his loss, but has repeatedly claimed the election was fraudulent and a real winner. However, the election was won by former Vice President Biden.

Trump has refused to cooperate with Biden and, for example, has not made available to Biden’s team the resources that would normally belong to a future president.

According to AFP, the White House has been reported to have been outraged by CISA as well Rumor vs. Reality– the rumors against reality website, which the agency used to fight against false information. The site refutes several of Trump’s allegations of fraud.


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