United States Trump condemned the attack on Congress and said it would focus on ensuring a smooth transition of power

The United States resigning president Donald Trump is On Twitter in a published video greeting affirmed his focus on ensuring a smooth transition of power. Trump condemned the rioters ’attack on the congressional building and assured that those who break the law will be allowed to pay for their actions.

“Like all Americans, I was outraged by violence, lawlessness, and chaos. America is a nation of law and order. Protesters who infiltrated the Capitol have disgraced the center of American democracy, ”Trump said.

Trump said he immediately commanded the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building after rioters invaded it. CNN data however, Trump would have been reluctant to resort to the National Guard, and the order is said to have become vice president From Mike Pence.

Trumpin according to him, reconciliation and a spirit of cooperation are needed at the moment to unite the United States in the wake of the 2020 and presidential elections. The president, accused of eroding democracy, assured that questioning the election result was about safeguarding the credibility of the election.

“My campaign tried to challenge the election result along all legal avenues. My only aim was to ensure the credibility of the vote. I fought to secure American democracy, ”Trump said.

Trump appealed to his supporters to accept the election result and the change of power.

“Serving as your president has been the honor of my life. To all my great supporters, I want to say I know you are disappointed, but I want you to know that our miraculous journey is just beginning, ”Trump said.

Trump in the video does not directly acknowledge his defeat in the presidential election of Democrats Joe Bidenia but seems to have accepted the transition to the new administration.


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