United States Trump changes tactics: Presidential people blame electoral robbery for now big Venezuelan conspiracy and pressure politicians to undo result

The team of presidential attorney Rudy Giulian claimed the U.S. election was falsified by a large conspiracy funded by Venezuela, Cuba, and perhaps China. Trump invited Michigan’s number one Republicans to the White House, presumably to pressure them to undo the state election result.

President Donald Trump and his attorneys struck a new turn in the eye on Thursday in their attempts to turn the U.S. presidential election into a victory for Trump.

Trump, who lost the Nov. 3 election, invited Republican Michigan Republican politicians to the White House on Friday, whom he is likely to try to pressure to turn the state vote over. In the past, he had contacted an individual election officer in a single county, which was considered an unprecedented interference in the electoral process.

At the press conference on Thursday, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his colleagues – without evidence – claimed that Venezuela, Cuba and possibly China, with their “communist money”, had succeeded in tampering with the US election as a Democrat; Joe Biden for.

According to Giulian, American voices would have been counted in Germany and Spain. According to him, the Dominion equipment used in the counting of votes would be connected to the late President of Venezuela Hugo Cháveziin and his successors Nicolás Maduroon.

President Donald Trump has avoided publicity in recent days, but he has been commenting heavily on the election on Twitter. He was photographed arriving at the White House on November 14th.­

Trump himself has previously claimed that the equipment of Dominion, a U.S. company with a Canadian background, stole 2.7 million votes in the election. This great conspiracy has been declared a forgery by U.S. security and election officials, Dominion, another story-wrapped company, U.S. media, many politicians, and other experts.

“This press conference was the most dangerous 1-hour and 45-minute television broadcast in U.S. history. And possibly the craziest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky, ”an election security expert tweeted Christopher Krebs.

Earlier this week, Krebs was still the director of the CISA agency, which focuses on cybersecurity. Trump fired him on Tuesday after Krebs described the presidential election as “the safest in U.S. history”.

The Washington Post reviewed Giualiani’s and partners’ arguments point by point and gave a briefing full four Pinocchio noses: a sheer lie that drew its claims mostly from internet right blogs and gossip mills.

Democratic leader of the House of Representatives Steny Hoyer noted that Trump’s actions to reverse the election result are “approaching treason” and pulling the rug out from under democracy.

Thursday news outlets suggested that Trump support forces were no longer trying to prove alleged electoral fraud attempts across the country. These efforts have dried up in either the recalculations or the courts. In addition, the election authorities in each state have reported that the election went fairly.

In addition to the big conspiracy story, Trump is now working to reverse his Michigan defeat by directly influencing Republican party election officials and politicians. Trump’s close circle has reportedly put pressure on politicians in other states as well, at least in Georgia, as the translation of the election result requires a change in the numbers of several states.

A Donald Trump supporter took part in a “Stop Theft” demonstration in Lansing, Michigan’s state capital last Saturday. Millions of Americans believe Democrats robbed Trump of the election.­

HS U.S. Correspondent Anna-Sofia Berner says in this comment, how Trump contacted a Wayne County Electoral Officer in Michigan, a Republican To Monica Palmer.

Palmer had at first refused to confirm the result of his constituency election, but had changed his position after being accused of invalidating the right to vote for blacks. After Trump’s call on Wednesday, he wanted to change his mind again and not confirm the election result.

Palmer said he did not think Trump was putting pressure on him but was worried about his safety because Palmer had been subjected to angry pressure.

“He was worried about my safety, and it was touching,” Palmer said stated to The Washington Post.

Trump now appears to be working to ensure that he and his neighbors succeed in holding back the official acceptance of the election results of the counties and, more broadly, the states. If successful, Republican-led state congresses could – at Trump’s request – nominate voters who will elect Trump instead of Biden at the Dec. 14 election.

The New York Times main title Friday morning told in a nutshell what the aftermath of the election has been: “Trump took Michigan to the finish line in a plot to undo the election result.”

Trump’s former favorite channel, Fox, for its part, made its website the main topic news, with the Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney strongly criticized the outputs of Trump and Giulian: “It’s hard to imagine a worse and more undemocratic act from a sitting president of the United States,” Romney said.

Conservative Fox website Giulian’s accusations of the biggest election fraud in US history and the conspiracy linked to Venezuela were only news item number 11 on Friday morning Finnish time, and the news rank dropped steadily on the site.

Trump is angry with Fox for declaring Biden the winner of the presidential election. He has recently begun to share more and more content on Twitter, produced by the far-right and conspiracy theories of the TV channels Newsmax and OANN.

However, Fox was the only major American channel to show Giulian’s Thursday press conference live and in full. The channel justified this on the grounds that the event had news value. HS.fi also showed the event in its entirety.

Is unclear what Trump can achieve with a meeting with Republican decision-makers in the state of Michigan today, Friday. At least the majority leader of the state Senate will travel to the White House Mike Shirkey and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Lee Chatfield.

Shirkey stated Tuesday Bridge for Michiganthat under Michigan law, the candidate with the most votes gets behind all 16 constituents in the state. According to him, a scenario in which Republicans would roll out the will of voters “will not happen”. Biden received more than 150,000 votes in Michigan than Trump.

House of Representatives Chatfield, for his part, tweeted shortly after the election that only the decision of voters matters in the election of voters.

“Let me be clear: the one with the most votes won Michigan! Point. The end of the story. Then we go ahead. ”

According to Joe Biden, Trump’s direct intervention in the Michigan election will ensure that Trump “remains in history as one of the most irresponsible presidents in U.S. history”.

Michigan is set to confirm its presidential election results next Monday. Confirmation of the election result is progressing according to different schedules in different states.

Biden received about six million more votes nationwide than Trump. He won a seat in the presidential constituency, counting 306-232. Trump has refused helping Biden transition.


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