United States Three white men were convicted of murdering a black runner in the United States

The murderers chased after their unarmed victim before one of them shot him to death with a shotgun. They were not arrested until a video of what happened came to light.

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Legal found three white men guilty of black jogging on Wednesday night Ahmaud Arberyn murder in Georgia in the United States.

“I never thought this day would come,” the victim’s mother Wanda Cooper-Jones said after the verdict was announced.

The Arbery case is one of those that in 2020 rose to become symbols of American racism. Arbery’s murderers were not arrested until a video of what happened came out in May 2020, more than two months after the murder.

Police had arrived at the murder scene immediately after the incident, but had allowed the perpetrators to leave. At the time, they accepted the men’s explanation that they had tried to arrest a civilian and fired to defend themselves. One of the killers was a former police officer.

In February By 2020, Arbery had been running in a predominantly white residential area when one of the murderers Gregory McMichael saw him leave the site of a house under construction.

McMichael picked up his son Trevor McMichaelin to help, and the men set out together to chase after a burglar they suspected of Arberya in a flatbed truck.

The men were armed with a handgun and a shotgun. During the five-minute chase, another neighbor joined William Bryan in their own car.

Bryan described to the video how the chase ended. The unarmed Arbery ran between the cars towards Trevor McMichael as he raised his shotgun.

Arbery dodged, McMichael followed and shot Arbery. This fought back, and McMichael fired twice more. Arbery died.

According to the defense, McMichael fired in self-defense, but the court ruled otherwise. All three pursuers were convicted of murder. The maximum penalty for crimes is life imprisonment. The judge will decide on the sentence later.

They have also been charged with hate crimes and attempted kidnapping, but that trial is yet to come.

The United States president Joe Biden issued a statement saying the verdict showed that the U.S. legal system was working but that alone was not enough.

“We must commit ourselves to building a united future where no one is afraid of violence because of their skin color”; Biden said.

The trial of Arbery’s murderers was followed alongside a second shooting that attracted attention in 2020, in which the defense also relied on self-defense. Last week, the court acquitted the 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, which shot two people dead in riots in the city of Kenosha in August 2020.

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