United States | The zoo’s suspected crime scene: monkeys disappeared, a vulture died in “unusual circumstances”

At the largest zoo in Texas, unusual incidents have occurred during January, which the Dallas police are investigating. Last Saturday, 12 monkeys were also stolen from a zoo in Louisiana.

in Texas The Dallas Zoo has been experiencing a series of strange occurrences, the latest twist being the disappearance of two monkeys from the zoo. The news agency AFP and various US media report on the matter.

The zoo announced on Monday that the two empress tamarins were missing. The zoo believes the monkeys were stolen from their enclosure. According to the zoo, a hole was found in the enclosure.

The police also suspect that the animals were taken from their enclosure on purpose. Police released a surveillance camera image to the public showing a hooded man suspected of being involved in the disappearance of the monkeys. According to the police’s preliminary investigation, the hole in the fence was made intentionally.

“Empress tamarin monkeys would probably stay close to home. The zoo searched for monkeys near their enclosure and in the zoo area, but they were not found,” the oldest and largest zoo in Texas said in its release.

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Dallas the chain of events at the zoo began already on January 13, when the zoo’s Nova tree leopard was noticed to have disappeared from its enclosure.

The zookeepers noticed a hole in the enclosure of the Nova leopard and the zoo was closed while they searched for it, says CNN. Zoo workers searched for the leopard for several hours.

In the end, the leopard was found sleeping under a tree on the grounds of the zoo and was returned to its enclosure. On the same day, the workers had noticed that there was also a hole in the enclosure of the zoo’s hanuman monkeys. However, the monkeys had not escaped from their enclosure.

Only about a week after the leopard incident, the zoo announced the death of a Pin vulture in “unusual circumstances”. According to the zoo, the 35-year-old vulture was found with external injuries that indicated the endangered vulture did not die of natural causes.

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The Dallas Zoo stepped up surveillance after the death of Pin the vulture. Among other things, the zoo installed additional surveillance cameras and increased the guarding of the zoo at night. The zoo also offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect in the vulture’s death.

Police are investigating incidents at the Dallas Zoo.

The zoo’s Pin vulture.

Cases have raised concerns in zoos around the country. In addition to Dallas, other US zoos have also feared that similar incidents could also happen in their facilities.

On Saturday, Zoosiana, a zoo in Louisiana, also reported that its monkeys had been stolen. The zoo told about it on Facebook

in his publication

according to which the zoo’s 12 squirrel cages were stolen.

Zoosiana Zoo said that its 12 squirrel cubs had been stolen. Squirrel monkeys are small monkeys. Pictured is a squirrel squirrel in the London Zoo.

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