United States The White House will hold a press conference around 7 p.m., HS will appear live

The topic of the event is not known in advance. The Trump campaign is supposed to land state Republicans to influence the election of presidential voters against the election result.

White The House will hold a press conference today, Friday, at 5 pm Finnish time, the President will report on the matter Donald Trumpin Administrative Communications Secretary Kayleigh McEnany On Twitter.

It is not known in advance what is to be talked about at the event, but HS will present it live. Presumably it is a presidential election that loser Trump is trying to cram into victory.

Thursday Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani made wind-blown allegations of an international conspiracy against Trump, and on Friday Trump had invited Michigan State Republican lawmakers as guests. The reason for the President’s invitation to visit has not been stated, but it is assumed to be related to shaping the outcome of the presidential election and the appointment of presidential voters.

“Trump’s campaign cherishes the theoretical possibility that Michigan lawmakers would care little about the election result and instead appoint state constituents on their own,” HS correspondent Anna-Sofia Berner wrote in his comment Friday morning.

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Republican MPs in Michigan have signaled that they have no power to appoint voters.

Trumpin related parties have reportedly put pressure on politicians in other states as well, as changing the numbers of several states is needed to reverse the election result. One of the states is big Pennsylvania, where in the state parliament, Republicans, like Michigan, have a majority.

“The result of the election should be overthrown in all the language states of the scales, and their legislators should ensure that their constituents support Trump,” said Trump’s jurist. Sidney Powell said on Fox Business on Thursday.

In Georgia, the campaign took a backseat when a new vote count confirmed Joe Biden profit in the state.

Presidential attempts to challenge the election result in court have pulled a flood of water after another, as no one has provided evidence of electoral fraud. Trump was last fired for the head of a cybersecurity agency Christopher Krebsille, who had described the presidential election as “the safest in U.S. history.”


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