United States The Washington Post: Dozens of Congressional police officers found coronary infection after Epiphany riot

Another hundred National Guard soldiers have also been infected in the Washington area.

Stateside 38 members of Congressional police have been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection in the weeks following the Epiphany riot, the newspaper said. The Washington Post. Infection rates have also increased among soldiers from the National Guard in the city.

The information received by the magazine did not specify how many of those infected were present in the congress building at the time of the riot. At the time of the incidents, congressional police officers were present in about 1,400 people.

To the congress building In the January 6 attack police found themselves in violent clashes with the then president Donald Trumpia with the rioters who supported it. According to authorities, about 800 rioters broke into the congress building.

“During the attack, the police tried to keep a safe distance, but everyone was attacking each other. Then there was pepper spray and people coughed, and body fluids flew, ”describes a congressional police officer. Gus Papathanasiou magazine situation.

A source in the Washington National Guard tells the newspaper that the guard is aware of at least 170 new cases of infection, and the number is expected to grow.


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