United States The U.S. Supreme Court will take Texas ’strict abortion law into consideration in early November

However, the Supreme Court, held by the Conservative majority, did not prevent the law from being enforced in Texas until the court heard.

22.10. 20:17 | Updated 22.10. 21:40

The United States on November 1, the Supreme Court will consider the exceptionally strict abortion law of the state of Texas, the repeal of which is being demanded by the federal government and abortion service providers. The law virtually prohibits all abortions performed after the 6th week of pregnancy, that is, even before many know they are pregnant.

Former President of the United States Donald Trumpin however, the Supreme Court, which remained in the possession of a solid conservative majority after the term of office, did not prevent the law from being enforced in Texas until the trial.

President of the United States Joe Biden according to the administration’s Department of Justice and abortion service providers, Texas law clearly violates the 1973 Supreme Court decision that protected the right to abortion in the “Roe v. Wade” lawsuit. The current U.S. right to abortion at the federal level rests on this decision.

Politics The Hill magazine According to the Supreme Court hearing, the key question is whether the Supreme Court itself has the power to prevent Texas law, which is written in a historically unique way, to circumvent conventional constitutional stumbling blocks.

Texas law does not explicitly prohibit abortion after the 6th week by punishing a woman who has had an abortion, but it does allow private citizens to sue those who help a woman perform an abortion.

People filing lawsuits can claim at least $ 10,000 in compensation from these parties. The arrangement has been compared to bounty hunting.

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