United States The U.S. House of Representatives will set up a committee to investigate the conquest of the House of Congress

Supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump marched in January to protest against the election of a new president. Five people died in the violence.

The United States the House of Representatives will set up a committee to look into what happened in January violent conquest of the House of Congress, the news agency Reuters reports.

“It is essential that we find out the truth about that day and that a similar attack does not happen again in the future,” the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said.

The announcement by the Democratic Party, Pelos, was made after Republican senators a few weeks ago overthrew a proposal for a committee made up of representatives of both parties.

Pelosi called the Republican senators who voted against the establishment of the Joint Committee “cowards” who followed the Senate’s minority leader Mitch McConnell voting instructions. Only six Republicans voted to set up the committee.

Because it is not a joint committee of the parties, Pelos has the power, among other things, to appoint a chairman for it. Exact details of the committee are not yet available, but it is said to be a right of challenge. This means that it can call witnesses and request various materials to help with its investigations.

Pelosi described the conquest of the Congress House on Capitol Hill as a “day of darkness” that requires a thorough investigation.

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Thursday U.S. time was also reported that the first person was charged with assaulting a journalist during the capture. A man in his forties from Illinois is also accused of, among other things, violence against an official.

The man is suspected of knocking a cameraman to the ground, what before was part of a crowd that behaved aggressively against journalists.

The conquest of the House of Congress began with the former president of the country Donald Trumpin supporters marched to protest against the election of a new president. Five people died in the violence.

An estimated 800 people illegally invaded Capitol Hill. The U.S. Department of Justice told Reuters on Thursday that about 500 people have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the case.



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