United States The U.S. Department of Justice ordered the Treasury Department to provide Donald Trump’s tax information to Congress

Trump has refused to provide information to the House Committee. The information is used to identify Trump’s business and its potentially questionable aspects.

The United States the ministry of justice ordered the ministry of finance to extradite the former president on friday Donald Trumpin tax information to Congress, reports news agency AFP.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the House of Commons Tax Committee has a legitimate reason to see the tax information. Trump has refused to provide information to the House Committee.

The matter has already been disputed in court in the past. The Washington Post it is not yet known whether Trump intends to take legal action again to prevent the transfer.

At issue is an attempt to get an account of President Trump’s taxation over several years.

The purpose of this is to obtain information about his business and any questionable activities that may have occurred in it.

Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi was satisfied with the order of the Ministry of Justice. Pelosi said access to information is a “matter of national security”.

“The American people deserve to be made aware of the facts about his worrying conflicts of interest, and the undermining of our security and democracy as president,” Pelosi said in a statement.



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