United States The U.S. Department of Justice is closing the prison where billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died

According to a statement from the Ministry of Justice, the prison will be closed, at least temporarily, due to its poor conditions.

The United States the Department of Justice has decided to close the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) in Manhattan, New York, says The New York Times -magazine.

Authorities said on Thursday they would close the MCC, which is an remand prison, at least temporarily due to poor prison conditions.

The federally-run MCC made headlines in August 2019 after an American billionaire awaiting trial in prison Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell.

Epstein was suspected several sexual offenses against underage girls.

Prisoners, lawyers and judges have long criticized the prison for its poor conditions.

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The federal ombudsman visited the prison just a few weeks ago. The Ministry of Justice said at the time that the reason for the inspection was “persistent concerns”.

In the MCC there are currently 233 prisoners, most of whom are awaiting trial, according to authorities.

The Department of Justice said in a statement on Thursday that it is concerned that all federal prisons are not only safe but also provide inmates with opportunities to prepare for release and reintegration into society.

The statement also states that the ministry has assessed the necessary measures to improve the conditions of the MCC and that it will close the prison, at least temporarily, until the problems have been resolved.

The statement did not say where the current residents of the prison would be placed after the closure. The New York Times reports that federal prisons in the surrounding area are likely to be located.



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