United States | The rector of the top university resigned because of the uproar related to anti-Semitism

The pressures on the presidents of Harvard and MIT are still growing.

Top university Chancellor of the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Elizabeth Magill resigned on Saturday because he did not give a straight answer to the question of whether students calling for the genocide of the Jews should be punished.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Penn University Scott Book also resigned from his duties.

The chancellors of Harvard, Penn and MIT have come under heavy criticism in the US this week.

74 members of Congress have called for their resignation. The rectors were at the House of Representatives’ education committee’s hearing from the beginning of the week, the purpose of which was to find out how anti-Semitic attitudes have been dealt with at universities.

In the hearing the principals were asked if the hallmarks of bullying or harassment are met if they call for the genocide of the Jews.

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“If words turn into actions, it can be harassment,” Penn’s Chancellor Magill answered the question. He clarified his answer that the speech should be “serious and wide-ranging” so that calling for genocide would be compared to bullying or harassment.

Magill already released a video statement on Wednesday in which he apologized for his performance.

Bok, the president of the university’s board of trustees, wrote in a statement published in the student newspaper that Magill was not himself at the congressional hearing.

“…He gave a legalistic answer to a moral question, and it was wrong,” Bok wrote, according to news agency AFP.

The pressures Against the presidents of Harvard and MIT are still growing.

“One down. Two left,” the Republican congressman who grilled the principals at the hearing Elise Stefanik wrote in the message service X on Saturday.

President of Harvard University Claudine Gay already apologized on Friday for not more clearly condemning anti-Semitism in the congressional hearing. Gay’s interview was published in The Crimson, Harvard’s student newspaper.

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