United States The neo-Nazis who organized the Charlottesville march were sentenced to $ 25 million in damages

The payment of compensation will make it more difficult for the groups to operate.

The United States The organizers of the far-right “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville four years ago were sentenced on Tuesday to pay more than $ 25 million, or € 22 million, news agencies say.

One person was killed and at least 19 injured on the march.

March was held on August 11, 2017 in protest of plans to abolish the slave-defending general Robert E. Leen a statue from a public place.

Lee’s statues have sparked protests for and against across the United States.

Neo-Nazis and pro-white ruling groups appeared on the march carrying bamboo torches. The next day, August 12, one of the supporters of white supremacy drove the car among the protesters. He killed a 32-year-old Heather Heyerin.

Charlottesville is also remembered as the then president of the United States Donald Trump avoided condemning the neo-Nazis. He put it this way, “there were very nice people on both sides”.

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Nine A Charlottesville resident filed a civil lawsuit against the march organizers, which has now been settled. The charges were against 12 people and five factions.

The jury did not reach a consensus on federal conspiracy charges, but they found the march organizers guilty of conspiracy and other state-level crimes.

The defendants appealed for freedom of speech and denied having committed the crime.

The payment of $ 25 million in compensation is likely to complicate the financial situation of the groups.

Anti-racist NGOs have used civil law in the United States in the past to drive extremists into bankruptcy.

The plaintiffs’ attorney Roberta Kaplanin according to, the intention is to send “a message that this country will not accept violence based on racial and religious hatred in any form,” the news agency AFP reports.

The prosecutors said they hoped the verdict would encourage other people to fight for human rights.

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