United States | The jacket worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 flight was auctioned for a record price

Aldrin’s jacket was sold on Tuesday in New York for 2.73 million euros.

American a former astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, 92, the jacket worn on the Apollo 11 flight was sold at Sotheby’s auction in New York on Tuesday. The jacket was sold for 2.77 million dollars, or about 2.73 million euros.

A comparable amount has never been shouted about any object on a US space flight before.

Among other things, they reported on the matter The Guardian and BBC.

Aldrin is the second astronaut to visit the moon. He walked on the moon for 12 minutes Neil Armstrong after in July 1969.

Aldrin’s iconic white astronaut jacket is made of fireproof fabric. On its left chest is Aldrin’s name and the Apollo 11 flight insignia. The jacket has a NASA logo attached to the right chest, and a fabric badge with the American flag on the left shoulder of the jacket.

Aldrin wore the jacket for most of the Apollo 11 flight. Armstrong and Aldrin, who was piloting the lunar module Eagle, landed on the surface of the moon in pressure suits. The third astronaut of the flight Michael Collins remained alone in the command module during the moonwalk.

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The jacket was bought by an anonymous person.

At the auction other items related to the Apollo 11 flight were also sold, including the flight plan.

Objects related to space research and space tourism were sold at the auction for a total of approximately 8.2 million dollars, or a good 8 million euros.

According to the BBC, the auction was watched by an estimated 650 million people around the world.

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