United States The governor of Texas still wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

Governor Greg Abbott has previously been embroiled in controversy with Joe Biden’s administration over immigration policy.

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the state intends to build a controversial wall on the U.S. – Mexico border. It tells about this, among other things The Guardian.

In addition to the wall, Texas plans to build detention centers for immigrants and spend $ 1 billion of the state budget on border security.

Abbott said that in the future, more and more undocumented immigrants will be arrested and sent to local prisons instead of being handed over to federal immigration authorities.

“I will announce next week the state of Texas plans to begin building the wall,” Abbott said at the news conference.

However, the governor did not provide more detailed information on the construction of the wall.

It is also unclear whether Texas has the power to build a wall after the president Joe Biden the administration suspended the original construction project.

Mural construction on the U.S.-Mexico border was by the former president Donald Trumpin key election promises in 2016.

The wall was built over a total of more than 700 kilometers, but only less than 130 kilometers have been a completely new wall, as there has already been a fence on the border that has been strengthened.

In total, Trump promised to build more than 1,600 miles of front wall.

The wall has been criticized not only as expensive but also as inefficient. Immigrants still get up the wall with a ladder, he says Texas Monthly.

Abbott and many Republicans have criticized the Biden administration’s decisions to abandon the changes made during the Trump period to immigration and migration.

Abbott and the Biden administration have been involved in disputes in the past. Abbott ordered this week that federally built centers housing immigrant children be revoked. The Biden administration has threatened to sue the state of Texas.

Abbott’s announcement is also about a power struggle. The Texas Tribune says it is a Republican Don Huffines has decided to challenge Abbott in the Republican primary next year. As part of its campaign, Huffines promised to finish building the wall.

A considerable number of families and unaccompanied children have arrived in the United States this spring across the Mexican border. Biden’s administration has been having difficulty managing the situation.

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