United States The court overturned Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual offenses

According to the court’s decision, Cosby should be released from prison immediately.

Pennsylvania the Supreme Court has overturned the comedian Bill Cosbyn conviction for sexual offenses. According to the court’s decision, 83-year-old Cosby is due to be released from prison immediately.

The court bases its decision on the fact that Cosby had entered into an agreement with the prosecutor that should have prevented him from being prosecuted. According to the news agency Reuters, among others.

Cosby was convicted in 2018 of his former friend Andrea Constandin drug abuse and rape. He has since served a prison sentence of three to ten years.

Dozens of other women have also accused Cosby of varying degrees of sexual harassment. His verdict was seen as a significant case in the #metoo movement.

Known as a comedian and actor, Cosby rose to popularity in the United States in a 1980s-named The Cosby Show TV show.



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