United States Reality Winner, a Russian data campaigner, has been released from prison

In 2018, Reality Winner was sentenced under the espionage law to more than five years in prison for leaking secret information to the media.

Russian hacking attempts in the US presidential election 2016 leaked to the media Reality Winner was released from prison in time. Winner, 29, is a former employee of the U.S. Security Service NSA.

In 2018, Winner was convicted under the Espionage Act more than five years in prison. Winner admitted in court that he had deliberately obtained and leaked secret documents about the election campaign in Russia.

Winner’s release was first announced by his lawyer Alison Grinter Allen With their Twitter account. According to the lawyer, Winner is not yet allowed to make public comments. According to him, Winner hopes for privacy during the process.

“We are relieved and hopeful,” the lawyer wrote.



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