United States Prosecutor: George Floyd asked for help until the last, but did not receive it

In Minneapolis In the United States, the prosecutor has begun his closing remarks George Floydin in the trial of a former police officer accused of death.

Prosecutor Steve Schleicherin according to Floyd did not threaten anyone and asked for help until the last.

“George Floyd begged until he could no longer speak. Only a little compassion would have been required, but it was not available that day, ”Schleicher said.

“Until his last breath, he asked for help, but the police didn’t help him. The police did not act according to his training, he did not act according to the instructions of his department to use force, nor did he resuscitate, ”the prosecutor listed.

“George Floyd didn’t threaten anyone,” he didn’t try to hurt anyone.

Floyd died in May last year when police Derek Chauvin pressed him to his knees from his neck for more than nine minutes. Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder and murder. If Chauvin is convicted of second-degree murder, he could face a 40-year sentence.

The defense, for its part, has sought to show that the use of drugs or heart disease led to Floyd’s death. The final speech of the defense is after the prosecutor.

After the closing remarks, the jurors make their decisions in isolation. The judgment requires a unanimous decision. The jury’s reflection can take a long time.

A live broadcast of the trial is still ongoing.

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