United States President Niinistö: Intrusion into the US Congress House “an Incredible Nightmare of Democracy”

Both President Niinistö and Prime Minister Marin reacted quickly to the extraordinary events in the United States.

6.1. 23:46 | Updated 18:04

Finland the top government reacted exceptionally quickly to the violent clash in the U.S. capital, Washington. Four people died when the president Donald Trumpin supporters infiltrated the Congress House and interrupted Joe Biden confirmation of profit for several hours.

President Sauli Niinistö commented on the events on his Twitter account on Wednesday at about half past eleven Finnish time, when the situation was still on.

“Every moment now brings something impossible from Washington: an incredible nightmare of democracy. It is encouraging that there are those who are responsible beyond the party line. ”

Released on Thursday in the opinion Niinistö estimates that the system under the US Constitution will continue to work. After the suspension, Congress confirmed Biden’s election victory, and Trump promised a peaceful change of power.

“Responsibility is winning the industry. The change of power and the approval of the defeated election result is a key part of the democratic order, ”Niinistö says in a statement.

He estimates, however, that the United States will have to seek answers as to why attitudes have escalated.

“It has to be seen that in addition to aggressive political rhetoric and incitement, there are deeper reasons. There is also disappointing background in the weakening of one’s own position and inclusion, with the allegation of arrogance on the part of those in power finding its audience. At worst, this will lead to the riot we now see, which is reprehensible. ”

World protesters who invaded the sanctuary of democracy in the leading superpower also received the prime minister Sanna Marinin publish their initial reaction.

“The intrusion of protesters into the congress building is a very serious and worrying matter. It shows how important it is to defend democracy without shaking, ”Marin wrote on Wednesday.

Marin published her tweet just shortly after Niinistö’s tweet.

On Thursday night, Marin commented on the situation in more detail in a press release. According to Marin, the acts are serious and reprehensible.

“Europe and the United States share a common historical base that was attacked yesterday. We do not accept the disruption of the democratic process or the questioning of the outcome of free elections. “

The administration of future President Joe Biden will have a lot of work to do, especially in strengthening the internal integrity of the country. According to Marini, democracy and institutions have worked well in an exceptional situation, as the election result was confirmed despite the riots.

Marin hopes to work closely with the new administration in all policy arenas. According to Marin, Finland’s relations with the United States have “always been good, close and comprehensive”.

“Multilateral institutions need the United States and its leadership committed to strengthening them.”


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