United States Poll: A majority of Americans would give up lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court

Liberal activists and some legal scholars have sought to reform the Conservative-led judiciary.

Stateside the majority of citizens want to abolish lifetime appointments to the country’s Supreme Court, according to a recent poll by news agency Reuters and research institute Ipsos.

According to a national poll, 63 percent of Americans are in favor of limiting the term of office or age limits for Supreme Court judges. Only one-fifth said they opposed all restrictions.

The President of the United States appoints Supreme Court judges for life. Nominations must be approved by the Senate.

Liberal activists and some legal scholars have sought to reform the judiciary, which the Conservatives will rule for years to come.

The highest Six of the judges of the court are currently appointed by Republican leaders and three by Democrats. President Donald Trump appointed as many as three judges during his term of office.

A number of Democratic Party representatives proposed on Thursday that the number of judges of the Supreme Court be increased to thirteen. In their view, it would restore public confidence in the judiciary, but the party leadership rejected the proposal.

The Supreme Court has nine judges, one of whom presides. President Joe Biden has set up a committee to consider reforming the judiciary, including a possible increase in the number of judges.

At Congress has the power to change the number of judges, but legal scholars say giving up lifelong appointments would likely require an amendment to the constitution.

In the poll, increasing the size of the court by four judges was supported by only 38 percent and opposed by 42 percent. In addition, it turned out that only less than half of the respondents, 49 percent, trust the decisions of the Supreme Court.

A survey by news agency Reuters and research institute Ipsos was conducted online this Thursday and Friday. The English-language survey was answered by a thousand adults across the United States.

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