United States Police are investigating a bomb threat near a convention building in Washington

A man in a car parked near the convention hall has made a bomb threat.

Stateside police say they are investigating a bomb threat on Thursday near the convention hall in Washington. According to Capitol police, the suspicious vehicle is being investigated for possible explosives and people are being urged to leave the area.

The Federal Police FBI is also involved in the investigation.

According to media reports, the man in the pickup truck made a bomb threat and police and the FBI have sent negotiators to the scene to catch the suspect.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are currently on break, but staff work in the Capitol’s congress buildings. The Library Library of Congress and the Senate office buildings have been evacuated.

Tensions The Capitol Hill has continued since the time of the former President of the United States Donald Trumpin supporters attacked the congress building as an Epiphany. The House of Representatives and Senate had met at the time to confirm the current president Joe Biden election victory. Five people died as a result of the riot.

In April, a man collided with a traffic obstruction in a car at the Capitol and killed one of the police, after which he was shot dead.



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