United States New York Governor Cuomo, who resigned on charges of sexual harassment, claimed to have been expelled in his farewell speech

According to an investigation ordered by the state attorney general, Cuomo had harassed a total of 11 women.

Stateside an influential Democrat politician who resigned as governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo in his farewell speech, he claimed to have been the target of a chase. Cuomo’s resignation was due to allegations of sexual harassment.

According to an investigation ordered by the state attorney general, Cuomo had harassed a total of 11 women, including through inappropriate contact. Cuomo denies the allegations.

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In his pre-recorded speech on his last day of work, Cuomo claimed the investigation against him was designed to drive him out of office.

“It was a turmoil in politics and the media, but the truth will be revealed before long. I’m sure of that,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo long resisted pressure to resign. Prior to his resignation, Cuomo had also called for his resignation Joe Biden.

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The United States the fourth most populous state in New York will be headed by a vice governor Kathy Hochul, who will become the first female governor of the state. Cuomo led the state for a decade in his three terms.

Cuomo also became an internationally renowned name for its daily briefings at the start of the corona pandemic as New York wrestled with the worst wave of disease. During the crisis, the governor grew in popularity, and even a presidential candidacy was proposed among the party population.

Since then, the governor’s popularity began to decline when he was accused of covering up the actual number of coronary deaths in state nursing homes. Thoroughly, his reputation was tarnished by allegations of sexual harassment.



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