United States Media: Trump tried to oust his justice minister to force Georgian authorities to change election results

Trump is said to have canceled the plan only after he was threatened with mass deportation by all Justice Department officials.

The United States previous president Donald Trump considered replacing his incumbent Minister of Justice in order to overturn Joe Biden election victory in the state of Georgia. The events were reported in the US media The New York Times and Washington Post.

According to media reports, the Minister of Justice Jeffrey A. Rosenin would have been replaced, according to the plan, by a lawyer from the Ministry of Justice. He would have helped Trump force the Georgian authorities to change the state election result.

According to The New York Times, Trump withdrew the plan only after hearing that all of the remaining Justice Department officials threatened to resign if he implemented it.

The media according to Trump and the Department of Justice lawyer Jeffrey Clark began planning to oust Rosen when he refused to use the power of the Ministry of Justice to influence Georgia’s vote count. According to the plan, Clark would have taken Rosen’s place.

According to sources in The New York Times, the three parties to the events, Trump, Rosen, and Clark, eventually met at the White House in a three-hour meeting. At the end of the meeting, Trump canceled the plan.

Rosen rose from Deputy Minister of Justice to Minister of Justice in December after the previous Minister of Justice Bill Barr resigned. Prior to his resignation, Barr made a statement that was against Trump’s unfounded allegations of electoral fraud.

Clark has disputed allegations about the plan, according to news agency AFP. Neither Trump, Rosen, nor the U.S. Department of Justice have commented on the matter in public.

Trump lost in the November presidential election to Joe Biden narrowly in the state of Georgia. Biden received 11,779 more votes in the state than Trump.

Trump’s difficulties in accepting Georgia’s election results have been reported in the past, for example, in early January.

At the time, the Washington Post had seized a recording of a call between the then president and the Secretary of State of Georgia. In the call, Trump tried to put pressure on the Secretary of State to overturn the result of the presidential election in his state.

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Former President Trump is currently in the middle of an indictment over the events of the last few weeks of his term.

Trump is accused of inciting rebellion on January 6th. At the time, he incited his supporters to attack the congress building at the same time as congressional chambers inside it were approving Joe Biden’s victory in the electoral election.

The U.S. Senate will begin hearing the indictment in just over two weeks.


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