United States Media: Senate Republican leader McConnell proposes Trump’s indictment postponed to February

Democratic senators accuse two of their Republican colleagues of promoting the spread of false allegations of electoral fraud that contributed to the rioting in the House of Congress.

The United States Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell suggests that the Senate give the former president Donald Trumpin lawyers two weeks to prepare for the civil prosecution.

He was the first to talk about it Politicomagazine citing its sources, but since then it has also been covered by news channels, among others CBS News and CNN.

Politico said McConnell had told Republican senators that he would nominate a Senate majority leader, a Democratic senator Chuck Schumerillethat the trial be adjourned to February.

According to CBS, McConnell confirmed his proposal late Thursday night local time. He told reporters he has not yet heard of Schumer about the proposal.

The House of Representatives prosecuted Trump for inciting a rebellion after his supporters attacked the House of Congress as an Epiphany. The final decision on the matter will be made by the country’s Senate.

Five people died in the riots in the House of Congress. The attack temporarily suspended the recent Democratic president Joe Biden confirmation of the election victory.

Biden was sworn in on Wednesday. Press Secretary of the recent administration Jen Psakin according to Biden intends to leave Trump’s fate to Congress for decision. According to Biden, members of Congress can decide what is the right way forward.

CNN’s according to the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said at a news conference on Thursday that the House of Representatives was ready to begin civil prosecution. According to Pelos, the House of Representatives has been waiting for the Senate to be ready to take the charge and the Senate has now announced that it is ready for this.

However, there are problems with the commencement of the trial, as Trump still does not have a lawyer to represent him in the civil prosecution in the Senate, CNN says.

CNN Democrats have debated that the indictment could be sent to the Senate as early as Friday, CNN said.

Sending charges to the Senate formally initiates the trial, which in turn is feared to remove other pending items from the agenda for the duration of the trial. Among other things, there are confirmations of the nominations of Biden’s ministerial candidates on the Senate table.

Politicon according to Pelos, it has also been estimated to be protracted with a civil prosecution to get Schumer and McConnell to reach an agreement on how power will be shared in the Senate.

Republicans and Democrats now both have 50 senators. However, the scale is tilted in favor of Democrats as vice president of the senate Kamala Harrisin thanks to. Harris can cast his own vote in a situation where the votes of senators go hand in hand.

News agency Reuters however, Harris cannot be expected to be present every day to resolve disputes. For this reason, Senate Democrat and Republican leaders have discussed a possible agreement that would define the division of power in day-to-day matters.

Democratic senators have filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee against two Republican senators for attempting to take over the House of Congress. Numerous U.S. media outlets, including Politico and the Financial News Agency Bloomberg.

Democrats demand that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruzista an investigation is launched because they are perceived to have contributed to the spread of false allegations of electoral fraud. Allegations of electoral fraud led to an attack on the House of Congress,

According to the complaint, Cruz and Hawley confirmed allegations of electoral fraud by stating their opposition to the counting of votes cast by state-approved voters on January 6th. The untrue allegations of electoral fraud spread by Trump and his supporters had led to violent threats across the country, including to state electoral authorities.

The letter from the Democrats called on the committee to make recommendations on disciplinary action, such as dismissal or censorship, if deemed appropriate.

American newspaper Washington Post says another bank is closing Trump’s accounts in the aftermath of the congressional attack. Florida bank Bank United said Thursday that the bank no longer has a “deposit relationship” with Trump.

The bank is said to have had Trump’s money at least since 2015. According to the newspaper, Trump had reported late last year that he had two separate money market accounts with Bank United, valued at a total of between 5.1 and 25.2 million.

The annual financial disclosures required of the President allowed the assets to be listed in aggregate, as described above, instead of requiring Trump to provide exact amounts of its assets.

Since the attack on the House of Congress, numerous of Trump’s partners have cut their gaps with the ex-president. Among the above, according to the Washington Post, are now three of the four banks in which Trump is known to have had its largest deposits.


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