United States | Media: Authorities are tracking a balloon moving over the United States

A ball moving at an altitude of 12 kilometers could be, for example, a weather balloon or even an espionage device, which scared the United States almost exactly a year ago.

of the United States a balloon has been spotted above, which the authorities are keeping an eye on, the news agency Reuters and CBS News official sources.

The origin or purpose of the balloon is not clear, but according to the authorities, it is not considered to be a threat to the United States. However, the ball caused enough concern that the United States sent a military plane to investigate it. The ball flies at a height of more than 12 kilometers.

Earlier on Friday, the ball was over the state of Colorado, and it is expected to move over Georgia by Friday evening (Saturday morning Finnish time), one CBS News source said. According to him, a small cube-shaped box hangs from the ball.

12 kilometers a ball moving at a height can be, for example, a weather balloon or even a spy tool that scared the US almost exactly a year ago.

At the turn of January and February 2023, an observation ball was detected in US airspace, which the US suspected China was using for espionage. The US shot down the ball on February 4, 2023. China claimed that the ball was mainly intended for weather observation and accidentally landed over the US. Pentagon investigations eventually revealed that the ball was a spy ball, but had not passed information to China.

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