United States Many feared president would even die – Newsbook says Donald Trump’s coronary infection was more serious than reported

The book claims that Trump hoped the coronavirus would “destroy” Assistant John Bolton and suggested the transfer of infected Americans to Guantanamo.

Next a book written by Washington Post reporters to be published this week tells new information about former US president Donald Trumpin actions during a coronavirus pandemic.

The book also tells of Trump’s own coronary infection.

Work Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History (“The Nightmare Scenario: The Trump Administration’s Response to a Pandemic That Changed History”) will be released next Tuesday. The media has published preliminary information about it in recent days.

Washington Post in the article for example, it is said that Trump suggested at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that the infected be taken to Guantánamo prison.

In February 2020, the President was asked if infected Americans abroad would be brought home for treatment. According to the book, Trump responded with the following suggestion:

“Don’t we have the island we own? What about Guantánamo? ”

News media Axion mixed The Guardian also write a book about a section where Trump is alleged to have hoped to infect his former aide To John Bolton.

Bolton, who had advised the president on foreign security, had just written a book about his time at the White House.

“John Bolton … I hope Korona destroys John,” Trump is said to have said at a meeting with officials.

Second An article based on the Washington Post book tells of Trump’s illness with coronavirus.

Head of the FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Stephen Hahn received a call from the White House in October 2020. Hahn was asked if he could get the FDA to sign a permit for a specifically authorized use of monoclonal antibodies immediately.

Hahn answered in the negative because he did not receive information about who would receive the drug. When he later learned that it was the president, he was appalled.

The FDA finally granted the permit within 24 hours, as in other cases of specially authorized use.

Little the mobile, 74-year-old and medically obese president was a risk group for severe coronavirus disease with which all possible precautions should be taken.

However, Trump had constantly moved carelessly without a mask and asked his subordinates to take off their own. The warnings of the White House coronavirus coordinator and experts went to the deaf ears.

The week that led to the illness was full of extensive appointments.

In October over the weekend the president’s condition deteriorated so much that the chief of staff Mark Meadows and many others feared the president would die.

After falling ill, Trump received other hard-to-reach drugs in addition to monoclonal antibodies, for the most part at once. They helped.

On Saturday, Trump was already actively calling to find out how he had responded to his hospitalization. He praised the monoclonal antibodies for acting “like a miracle”.

The United States Director of the CDC Disease Center Robert Redfield as well as many other medical professionals prayed that the illness would make the president take the disease and epidemic treatment more seriously.

However, Trump returned more and more triumphant and defiant.

He told people that the virus should not be feared and should not be allowed to take control of life – thus ignoring the completely exceptional treatment it received, which was beyond the reach of the public.



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