United States Lady Gaga as the performer of the national anthem and Trump’s acknowledgment did not sit on the recent presidential message of unity, the researcher estimates

According to researcher Maria Annala, Biden emphasized in his speech that he did not thank Trump.

The United States the new president Joe Biden there was a lot of talk about unity at the inauguration, but there were contradictions between the promises and the reality of the inauguration, says the Visiting Researcher Maria Annala From the Foreign Policy Institute.

As expected, Biden emphasized unity in his speech and that he wants to be the president of all. This has been Biden’s message already during the election campaign. According to Anna, however, it was contrary to the principle of unity to have a relatively open set-off as a precursor To Donald Trump.

“It was not unclear that many of the passages in the speech referred to Trump’s time.”

Among other things, Biden mentioned that democracy has been attacked, but has survived as a winner, the truth has been divided and facts are being invented, lies have been used for power and economic gain. Annala sees these as strong references to Trump and a hopeful message to Biden’s supporters.

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“It’s the kind of message that supporters can happily nod to just like that. But if the goal is to be the president of the whole nation, the less reference is made to the annoying things in the predecessor, the more constructive the unity would be. ”

In his inaugural address has traditionally praised his predecessor for his work.

Trump himself thanked him for his 2017 inaugural address Barack Obama only for a peaceful change of power, but thanked nonetheless. That is why Biden’s speech is exceptional.

According to Annala, such thanks would not have been appropriate in the case of Trump and Biden, as the confrontation between the presidents has been fierce. In his speech, Biden ended up thanking everyone who was on the scene today, underscoring the fact that Trump was not present – and he was not thanked.

Instead, Biden, for example, thanked the former president, 96, separately Jimmy Carter, who was unable to take office due to his poor condition.

“Biden could have said in general that I want to thank my predecessors. Now he clearly focused his thanks so that Trump was left out. ”

Also Lady Gagan the choice to perform the national anthem is considered contradictory by Annala when it comes to creating unity.

Gaga has campaigned for Biden, and he is thus a logical choice to perform, but he has also made clear to the public his disagreement with Trump.

Lady Gaga as a person and her creative way of performing the national anthem may have aroused resentment among conservative Americans.

“The national anthem is one of the few things that unites the people that has not been tainted in confrontation. It is a symbol of the whole of America. It would have been worthwhile to choose someone who does not perform in public but sings beautifully and traditionally. ”

Annalan according to the contradictions are examples of how difficult it really is to unite a divided people and how difficult it is to do something without emphasizing the confrontation.

“I’ve always been of the opinion that the combination of the People is a hopeless task. It’s not something Biden does, the people have to do it themselves when it’s ready. All Biden can do is not tear unity any further. ”

To the Congress Hall attacking as an Epiphany was a watershed for some of Trump’s supporters, after which they have been more receptive to Biden.

Nevertheless, numerous Republican politicians still support Trump’s claims of electoral fraud, indicating that unification is not yet beginning.


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