United States Johnson & Johnson Settles Opioid Crisis Lawsuit, Cease Total Opioid Product Trade in the United States

More than 3,000 lawsuits have been filed against the opioid industry across the United States.

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, to stop trading in opioids in the United States as part of mediation with New York State, say The New York Times and the news agencies Reuters and AFP.

More than 3,000 lawsuits have been filed against the opioid industry across the United States. The lawsuits concern their role in a rampant opioid epidemic.

“The opioid epidemic has wreaked havoc on countless communities in the state of New York and around the country, leaving millions dependent on dangerous and deadly opioids. Johnson & Johnson threw gasoline into flames, but now they are committed to leaving the opioid trade, ”said New York Chancellor of Justice Letitia James.

In addition, the company will have to pay $ 230 million in compensation. Compensation is not targeted at individuals affected by the epidemic, but at crisis resolution and addiction treatment.

In the past, for example, the consulting firm McKinsey agreed to over half a billion dollar compensation for its role in the U.S. opioid crisis.

The last one In 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from both prescription and illicit opioids sold on the street.

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Opioids are used as painkillers. They are derived from opium, like heroin, and are easily addictive. Examples of opioids are codeine and fentanyl.

In the coming days, a historic lawsuit will be launched, with the entire opioid supply chain from manufacturers to distributors and pharmacies facing the jury for the first time. Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Jansen was to be the defendant in the proceedings prior to the last-minute agreement.

Despite the agreement, Johnson & Johnson denies any wrongdoing and the agreement should not be construed as recognition of the company. The company is still a defendant in other opioid-related lawsuits across the country.

Jansen stopped marketing opioid products in 2015.

Addiction opioid analgesics are also by far the most significant drug in Finland.

HS reported on the use of opioids in Finland in 2017, before which they had caused at least 150 deaths a year. Kela had replaced opioid drugs for about 400,000 Finns every year.

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