United States Joe Biden’s administration announced its goal of improving the coronavirus situation: “This is a national emergency and must also be treated as such”

The 21-page document sets seven goals for the administration, including creating an “effective and safe” vaccine campaign and opening schools and businesses safely.

21.1. 16:32 | Updated 7:22

The United States president Joe Biden on Thursday released its strategy paper to cover the coronavirus epidemic that ravaged the country. 21 pages in the document seven objectives are set, including the creation of an “effective and safe” vaccine campaign, the safe opening of schools and businesses, and the reduction of the spread of infections, for example by increasing the use of face masks and testing capacity.

According to Reuters, coronavirus measures will be implemented as early as Thursday by ten presidential decrees. They stipulate, among other things, that face masks must be worn at airports and in public transport in some cases. The document does not define the means more precisely than mentioning that the face mask should be used on “many aircraft, trains and certain other means of public transport”. The New York Times The magazine says that the regulation also applies to some intercity bus services and ships.

Biden also intends to set up a coronavirus epidemic panel to oversee the “implementation of a common and clear testing strategy”. Testing capacity will be increased and the federal government will work with states and local governments to establish vaccination points in, among other places, conference centers, stadiums, and sports halls in addition to health facilities.

The aim is to distribute vaccines on the basis of population data so as to provide the best possible support for the areas most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Information about the coronavirus epidemic is increased through regular briefings and reports on the development of the disease situation.

Enhanced according to the Biden administration, the measures are necessary to ensure a safe return to local work in schools and workplaces and to allow, for example, travel. The strategy paper states that international air passengers will be required to pass a recent negative test result by presidential decree and go into quarantine when entering the United States.

“This is a national emergency and must also be treated as such,” the new administration’s coordinating coronavirus Jeff Zients said Thursday according to Reuters.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States had been found by Thursday more than 24 million coronavirus infections. More than 400,000 people had died.

Correction 22.1. at 7.16 am: The requirement for a negative corona test result is required for international travelers, not those departing from the United States, as discussed earlier in the article.


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