United States Joe Biden switched to art at the White House – Trump’s favorites gave way

Several media outlets are now wondering what art choices about presidents say.

When The host of the White House is changing, as are the art choices in the President’s Oval Office and their political emphases.

This seems to have happened in a few hours also last Wednesday when Donald Trump left the White House and the new president Joe Biden arrived there after taking the oath of office.

The news agency, for example, has written about the subject Reuters, Washington Post, USA Today, Architectual Digest, The Art Newspaper and Artnet News.

Busts of Rosa Parks and Abraham Lincoln.­

Biden has been favored by black voters and emphasized the rights of minorities. About the heroes of the civil rights movement Rosa Parks has appeared on the scene Artis Lanen as a bust. Martin Luther King has gained an even more central place Charles Alstonin as a work.

If the choices are more advanced than Trump’s, they may be in some ways more traditional in art history than Barack Obaman term of office.

A bust of Cesar Chavez looks at Joe Biden’s family photos behind a desk in the White House.­

Biden is also believed to take a more positive attitude towards the Mexican-backed population and migration more generally than Trump.

This could be symbolized Paul Suarezin bust of the fight for Latin rights Cesar Chavezista.

Indigenous peoples in the United States and, for example, Americans with a Japanese background have also been taken into account in the first choices.

Joe Biden looks directly behind his desk toward a portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt. On the left are George Wasjington and Abraham Lincoln, on the right are the brawlers Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.­

Former the portraits of presidents also see symbolism. Franklin D. Roosevelt got a central position as president, which lifted the country out of the economic crisis.

First President of the United States George Washington and the abolition of slavery that won the Civil War Abraham Lincoln are on his left.

The founding members of the United States include Thomas Jefferson mixed Alexander Hamilton are in turn to the right of Roosevelt.

Jefferson and Hamilton often quarreled, so placing them side by side could mean tolerating different points of view.

The fireplace wall can be compared to the interior of Trump’s time, which can be seen, for example, by the president Sauli Niinistö from a photo taken during the visit from 2017.

Presidents Sauli Niinistö and Donald Trump in the same room in 2017.­

Essential is also what has been removed from key places. During the trumpet, the populist president and considered an exterminator of the indigenous peoples took center stage Andrew Jackson. He was almost equal to his opponents stubborn and mocking than Trump.

US President Donald Trump speaks next to a portrait of former President Andrew Jackson prior to awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to the US Olympic Gold Medalist Wrestler Dan Gable in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, US, December 7, 2020.­

One of the founders of the United States, who emphasizes science, is now hung in the same place Benjamin Franklin, which was forever painted by a painter Joseph Siffred Duplessis.

Below Franklin’s portrait is a decision on the nuclear bombings of Japanese cities Harry S. Trumanin bust. It perhaps serves as a warning of Biden’s alleged hawkness – at least compared to Trump, who refrained from major military action.

However, it is possible that the conclusions will still need to be clarified.

Although the presidential couple had time to negotiate with the curator of the White House Art Collections and some works had already been borrowed from the collections of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American Art, this interior is only a “first week’s solution,” as the Biden administration has emphasized.

Fine art in addition, speech has been sparked by music selections at Trump’s farewell and Biden’s inauguration party

You can read more about interesting Finnish connections of music choices behind this link.


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