United States In his statement, Trump urges to refrain from violence: “No violence, lawlessness or vandalism should be committed”

The publication of the report is likely to add to the demands for an explanation as to why the authorities were not better prepared for the unrest.

For the Conservative To the Fox News news channel the President of the United States, who made an exclusive statement on Wednesday Donald Trump says it is time for Americans to work together to ease the torn tensions between citizens.

“In the light of recent reports of new demonstrations, I appeal that no violence, lawlessness or vandalism should be committed.”

According to Trump, the use of violence or other similar riots does not represent what he or the United States as a state advocates.

The United States federal police FBI warned of threat of violence in Washington the day before protesters attacked Congress House in Epiphany, US newspapers The Washington Post and The New York Times reported on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The FBI office in Virginia had issued a warning that extremist supporters were preparing for a trip to Washington aimed at violence and “war”. The release of the report casts doubt on the FBI’s earlier statement that it had no intelligence about the protesters’ harmful plans.

Internal report was approved for publication on the eve of the conquest of the Congress House. It had been drafted on January 5 by the FBI’s Norfolk office in Virginia, from where it had been sent to the Washington Field Office and from there on to other authorities. According to U.S. media, it is unclear who all had received the report.

The progress report mentioned, among other things, that people have shared a map of the convention hall tunnels as well as information on possible meeting places in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and South Carolina before traveling to Washington.

Previously this week, several different media outlets reported another From the FBI’s internal report, according to the country’s next president Joe Biden armed protests have been planned around the inauguration.

Biden will take the oath of office next Wednesday. The FBI warning applied to both the capital, Washington, and the capitals of all states.

Speaking to Fox News on Wednesday, the Trump administration authority said Trump is urging every citizen to ensure “along with him” that the transition to power becomes peaceful. According to an anonymous authority in the story, Trump also hopes the big technology companies will help achieve the goal.

Trumpin and the gap between social media giants has been tighter than usual since Epiphany. Twitter closed the account used by the president as his main communication channel on a permanent basis over the past weekend. Departure passports have also received many of his supporters.

Also Facebook, video service Youtube as well as Facebook-owned image and video app Instagram have placed restrictions on accounts managed by Trump.

Fox News says Trump’s condemnation of the violence will be passed on via email as well as through his campaign accounts. The White House then “tries” to get Trump’s bulletin on his official social media channels.

Protesters stormed the U.S. Congress Building.­

FBI an internal report compiled just before the congressional conquest had quoted an internet debate: “Throw yourself into violence. Stop calling this a march, demonstration or protest. Get ready for war. We get our president or we die. There is no other way to achieve this goal. ”

According to The New York Times, authorities had pointed out that the information in the Norfolk office report was unconfirmed and a mention of the war came from one internet discussion thread. The report was written within 45 minutes of receiving the information.

Set Donald Trump supporters attacked the House of Congress last Wednesday amid the confirmation of the presidential election result, Joe Biden’s victory.

Five people died as a result of the riot. In retrospect, one has wondered how the protesters managed to infiltrate the U.S. Congress.

The release of the report is likely to get the FBI on the defensive when congressional representatives and the public demand an explanation as to why the FBI and other authorities were not better prepared for the protests and mass riots, The New York Times estimates.

Steven D’Antuono, director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, spoke at a news conference in Washington on Tuesday.­

Last week, the head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office Steven D’Antuono said there was no indication that the demonstration had become uncontrollable. He said the FBI had worked closely with other authorities before Trump supporters who arrived on Capitol Hill became violent.

According to The Washington Post, many authorities have said privately in recent days that the threat of violence may have been misjudged because the majority of protesters were Caucasian conservatives loyal to Trump. The case is said to have sparked “difficult” discussions about race and terrorism among the FBI and other authorities.


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