United States In Austin, 13 people were injured in a shooting incident in the entertainment district

Two injured conditions have been reported to be critical.

Stateside There was a shooting incident in the state of Texas on Saturday that injured 13 people, according to authorities. The shooting incident took place early Saturday morning in the state capital, Austin, and the suspect is still being searched. The news agency AFP, among others, reports this.

Police said several shots were fired in the entertainment district in downtown Austin before midnight on Saturday morning. Police said they responded to the shots.

“Our police responded very quickly,” Austin’s interim police chief Joseph Chacon said at a news conference, according to AFP.

“They were also able to initiate life-saving measures for many of the injured.”

News agency According to AFP, the two injured are in critical condition. The other 11 injured conditions were described as stable.

According to AFP, it is unclear whether there are one or more suspects in the case.

According to police, the shooting incident appears to have been an isolated incident, although the investigation is still ongoing.



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