United States Historic infrastructure reform progressed in the U.S. Senate

Democrats and Republicans have been negotiating for weeks on the content of the reform.

Stateside the historic infrastructure reform package is progressing as it received support in a Senate vote on Wednesday, several U.S. media reported.

The vote is a breakthrough in weeks of package negotiations. The Senate voted in favor of considering the package with 67-32 votes split. 50 Democrats voted in favor of the package and 17 Republicans joined.

Democrats and Republicans have not fully agreed on the content of the reform package.

US channel NBC writes that the package was voted on only hours after a working group of Republicans and Democrats announced that they had reached an agreement. According to the channel, the agreement was reached when the parties reached an agreement on, among other things, the distribution of funds between roads and public transport. The issue has rubbed the parties during the negotiations.

The package includes a new additional investment of USD 550 billion for roads, bridges, the electricity grid and internet connections, among others.

If package will eventually be passed by Congress, it would increase federal infrastructure funding higher than before.

Democratic President Joe Biden described the agreement as the most significant long-term investment in infrastructure and competitiveness of the century.

Funding has also been included for so-called “human infrastructure” such as climate change work, childcare, schools and social services.

Republicans have opposed this in the past, saying they should only include traditional infrastructure such as roads, airports or broadband connections.



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