United States Georgia’s recount confirms Joe Biden’s victory in the state, with almost 6,000 unstated votes found

The gap between the candidates narrowed slightly, but the differences between the initial results and the recalculation are small. Authorities said there was no evidence of Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud.

Stateside In Georgia, a manual recount of the votes cast in the presidential election has been completed, Joe Biden in the winning state.

The matter was announced on Thursday in local time in a press release issued by the state’s highest electoral authority. website.

According to the release, the recalculation confirmed the previous machine counting that gave an accurate description of the election winner in Georgia.

News channel CNNAccording to Biden and Donald Trumpin the difference narrowed slightly with the recalculation. According to recent results, Biden defeated Trump by a total of 12,284 votes.

Release according to which the differences between the results of the initial machine calculation and the recalculation were small.

In the majority of counties, no differences were even observed, and in many states the differences were less than ten votes.

State law requires Georgia to certify its election results in local time by Friday, CNN reports.

For nearly 30 years, Biden is the first Democratic presidential candidate to take the election victory in Georgia.

Seated President Trump has refused to admit his presidential defeat. He has repeatedly disseminated allegations of electoral fraud, even by the authorities, and sought to influence the results of the vote count through legal action.

News agency According to AFP, was involved in overseeing Georgia’s recalculation Gabriel Sterling told news channel Fox News that there were some inconsistencies found in counties that tend to lean towards Republicans.

“The good thing is that the recalculation did its job. It found those sound lots, ”he told Fox News.

According to CNN, during the one-week recount, electoral authorities in four districts found new batches of votes that had either not been counted on election day or had been incorrectly transmitted to the supreme election authority for the purpose of counting votes.

In total, more than 5,800 previously unaccounted votes were found in the recount. According to the news channel, nearly 1,400 of these votes went to Trump, who has falsely said finding the votes is proof of fraud.

According to the news channel, the state authorities emphasized that the votes found were human errors and did not suggest fraud or vote tampering.

According to CNN, the state’s highest election authority Brad Raffensperger has become an eyeball for his own party. He has been criticized by both Trump and state Republican senators who have demanded his resignation and falsely accused him of failing to hold fair and transparent elections.

British newspaper Independent Raffensperger and his wife have even reported death threats since the election earlier this week.

According to the Independent, Raffensperger’s wife received, among other things, several threatening text messages after the state announced that it was doing a manual recount. One message said her husband deserved to face the execution company.

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Biden accused Trump on Thursday of shamelessly damaging democracy and sending “incredibly damaging messages” to the world about how democracy works. The incoming president will comment to reporters in his home state of Delaware.

In addition to his allegations of electoral fraud, Trump has also recently contacted electoral authorities, at least in Michigan, where Biden won by about 155,000 votes. In addition, he has invited Michigan Republican decision-makers to the White House.

Meanwhile, his election campaign has pulled out a legal challenge he raised in Michigan, asking courts to prevent the state from formally confirming the results.

When asked to comment on Trump’s calls to the authorities, Biden estimated that this was another case in which Trump would be immortalized in the history books as one of the most irresponsible presidents in the United States.

“It’s hard to understand how this man thinks,” Biden said.

“I’m sure he knows that he has not won, that he can not win, and” that we come to the 20th of january oath.

Trumpin The election campaign was intended to present evidence of electoral fraud at a press conference held on Thursday night in Finnish time.

Among other things, Trump’s personal lawyer spoke at the event Rudy Giuliani. He said lawyers had seized evidence of election fraud. Evidence includes affidavits issued by election officials, which, according to Giulian, number in the hundreds or thousands. Electoral fraud, he said, has been systematic and state-wide.

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Various news media and non-aligned organizations, as well as election authorities, have found no evidence of the fraudulent allegations made by Giulian.

At a press conference, Trump’s legal team also made allegations, among other things, that the Communists had somehow interfered in the election.

Giuliani, on the other hand, rose to prominence on social media after dark liquid began to flow along the temples of a lawyer who repeatedly swept his forehead. This was assumed to be hair color.

Trump fired the head of the country’s cyber security and infrastructure security agency (CISA) early in Finnish time on Wednesday To ChrisKrebs, which has knocked out his allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

Krebs wrote on Twitter that Thursday’s press conference by Trump’s legal team was the most dangerous one-hour and 45-minute television broadcast in U.S. history.

“And possibly the craziest. If, you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky, ”he continued.


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