United States Georgia confirmed Joe Biden as the winner of the state presidential election

With the announcement, it also becomes even more unlikely that Trump could, by some means, get the state’s result translated in favor.

Georgia strengthened the Democratic Party Joe Biden officially won the state presidential election on Friday afternoon local time, according to Reuters.

The matter was reported on the website of the state’s highest electoral authority.

The announcement secures 16 state voter votes behind Biden for this counterpart, the Republican Party Donald Trumpin in exchange for. With the announcement, it also becomes even more unlikely that Trump could, by some means, get the state’s result translated in favor.

The result was confirmed by the Republican governor Brian Kemp said he was required by law to confirm the result as Biden’s victory. According to Kemppi, the official announcement allows Trump’s campaign organization to “seek other legal options for a separate recalculation” if it so wishes.

States officialize their election results in the coming weeks. Most have not yet confirmed their results, but Florida, Idaho and Wyoming, for example, have already done so.

Next, its results will be officialized by Michigan, whose deadline will be on Monday the 23rd. Trump invited Republican politicians from Michigan to the White House on Friday, whom he apparently wanted to pressure to turn the state vote result on its head.

Visitors stated after their visit that they had not found any evidence that would change the fact that Biden defeated the state voters behind him.

Official the confirmation is the result of yesterday’s completion of the recount of votes. The recount found nearly 6,000 previously uncounted votes, of which only 1,400 went to Trump. According to recent results, Biden beat Trump by a total of 12,284 votes.

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Biden is the first Democratic presidential candidate in nearly 30 years to win an election in Georgia.

Trump has still not acknowledged its defeat in the presidential election but, on the contrary, has spread allegations of electoral fraud, which have also been declared unfounded by the authorities, and has sought to influence the results of the vote count through legal action.

Among other things, he has called On Twitter Georgian vote recalculation process into a “joke” and made claims about its unreliability. However, no evidence has been provided for the allegations.

Both President Trump and Georgian Republican senators have also criticized the state’s top election authority Brad Raffensperger, which has, inter alia, been called upon to resign. Raffensperger has also been falsely accused of failing to hold fair and transparent elections.

Raffensperger said he had previously come under pressure from the Republican Party to tamper with the election result in Trump’s favor. He also said in an interview with The Washington Post that he and his wife have received death threats from Trump’s supporters.

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