United States George W. Bush said he was shocked by people’s reactions to her and Michelle Obama’s friendship

The former president finds it problematic that Americans cannot imagine friendship between political opponents.

In 2016 Michelle Obama gave To George W. Bush a warm hug at the opening of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. The familiar gesture attracted attention, as the duo was not expected to be at such good intervals. After all, it was about political enemies: the wife of a Democratic president and a former Republican president.

The friendship between Bush and Michelle Obama resurfaced this week after CBS Sunday Morning released Bush video interview on Sunday. In the video, Bush recalled a situation he believed was even more famous than the opening hug.

In 2018, among the Republican Senator John McCainin funeral, Bush held out an Altoid lozenge to Michelle Obama sitting next to her. People were amazed again.

In an interview with CBS, Bush said he was shocked by people’s reactions. The former president saw the surprise as a broader reflection of his country’s heightened and divided political climate.

“I think the problem is that Americans think so polarized that they can’t imagine George W. Bush and Michelle Obama being friends.”

CBS interview the actual subject was Bush’s recent book on portraits of U.S. immigrants. The book features oil paintings by the former president depicting famous and unknown immigrants.

The political polarization of the United States is also strongly reflected in the country’s immigration debate. Indeed, in an interview, George Bush hoped Congress would talk about immigrants in a more respectful and less dull tone.

In July 2013, George W. Bush spoke in Dallas at an event where immigrants were granted citizenship. In 2021, the former president will once again engage in a polarized U.S. immigration debate and ask Congress for more respectful rhetoric.­

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