United States From a book by John Bolton, a former adviser to Donald Trump, on a criminal investigation

The U.S. Department of Justice is launching a criminal investigation into John Bolton’s memoirs over deficiencies in prior checking. The Department of Justice and the Trump administration tried to block the publication of the book as early as the summer.

The United States the Ministry of Justice is launching a criminal investigation by the President Donald Trumpin former National Security Adviser John Boltonin memoirs. A highly debated book by Bolton The Room Where It Happened was released in June.

Shortly before the release, the U.S. Department of Justice applied to the court urgent decision prevent book publication. Legal decided in favor of publishing the book. Prior to that, President Trump’s administration sought to prevent the publication of the book on grounds of national security.

Now the Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation based on national security, says, for example, the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Stateside manuscripts of books relating to national security or related authorities should be submitted to the authorities for evaluation before publication and should not be published unless those authorities have approved the publication.

For example, the National Security Agency NSA says on their website, that this pre-publication pre-publication check not only for books, speeches, publication of CV data, “internet writings” and even wedding and death announcements.

It is the data leak that revealed the cyber espionage by the NSA Edward Snowden memoir was launched in the fall of 2019 on a similar basis to a criminal investigation: the NSA and the CIA had not been allowed to intervene in the manuscript in advance.

In the case of John Bolton’s book, according to the BBC, it is a question of Bolton’s manuscript not having passed the pre-screening. In practice, this may mean that either the prior check has not been carried out or that the items that the employer wants to remove in the check have not been removed.

The investigation concerns the publisher of Bolton’s book and the agency representing him.

According to Bolton’s lawyer, the author denies having acted improperly or, in particular, criminally, and is willing to cooperate with the Department of Justice.

Finns remember John Bolton’s recollections that the book revealed President Donald Trump’s question about Finland. After Trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin In the run-up to the summit, Trump asked Bolton, Finland is part of Russia.

There are several other points in the book that have put Trump’s actions as president in at least a questionable light. Among other things, Trump did not know that Britain has nuclear weapons and has suggested that journalists should be executed.

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Memoirs by John Bolton at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in New York on June 23rd.­


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