United States Former U.S. Congressional Security Director denies allegations of opposition to sending National Guard to Capitol Hill for image reasons

The U.S. Senate is investigating past security arrangements at the House of Congress.

When Former President of the United States Donald Trumpin supporters were able to infiltrate the U.S. Congress as an Epiphany, it became clear in an instant that security measures for the building were not adequate.

The police who were left in the lower nails were not allowed to arrest an armed crowd, and the National Guard was not present at all.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate heard for the first time in its investigation police and security executives responsible for the failed arrangements, news agencies reported.

Washington the Chief of Police Robert Conteen according to the police were left alone to fight for their lives on Capitol Hill. He says he is completely surprised by the “reluctance” of the military to send National Guard troops to help.

However, the reason for that reluctance was to hear dissenting opinions on Tuesday.

Under the Epiphany, the Security Director of the House of Representatives decided on a possible alert for the National Guard for the safety of Congress Paul Irving, Senate Security Director Michael Stenger and Chief of Police of the Capitol Steven Sund.

Sund said he did ask for National Guard troops to be present, but Irving opposed the idea. According to Sund, Irving had expressed concern that the presence of the National Guard “would look bad”.

Irving denied Sund’s allegations. According to him, the intelligence simply did not provide sufficient reason to call the National Guard to the scene.

“It was our common interpretation,” Irving said.

“What things ‘would’ look like didn’t determine our level of safety.”

All the witnesses heard agreed that intelligence on the coordinated attack on the Congress House was not available in advance. Instead, the threat of significant violence was assessed as “distant” and “unlikely”.

“No one [liittovaltion poliisia] The FBI, along with the FBI, did not provide intelligence on the coordinated violent attack, ”Sund said.

Both Sund, Irving and Stengerk resigned after the events of the Epiphany.


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